BUILT Marketing Strategies



Marketing Strategy

At BUILT Strategies, we believe that a solid foundation is crucial for lasting success. Our marketing strategies provide that foundation for your business in the building industry. We blend industry insights, market trends, and consumer behavior analysis to design a customized marketing plan that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Our strategies aim to elevate your brand, enhance visibility, and drive growth-empowering you to outperform the competition and lead in your sector.

We deliver all-encompassing strategies that cover everything from market positioning to tactical executions, each one tailored to your specific needs.

Marketing Audits

A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic examination and evaluation of a company’s marketing activities and strategies. At [Your Company Name], our marketing audit involves an in-depth analysis of your internal and external marketing environment. We assess your marketing goals, strategies, tactics, and performance to identify opportunities and areas of improvement. Our audit covers areas such as market analysis, customer segmentation, brand positioning, marketing mix effectiveness (product, price, place, promotion), digital presence, competitor analysis, and ROI of marketing efforts.

By engaging with us, you’re investing in valuable insights to help drive your business growth and out maneuver the competition.

Digital Marketing


A strong online presence is key in today’s digital-first world. Our SEO strategies are crafted to bolster your brand’s visibility on major search engines. We leverage industry-best practices, optimizing your website with relevant keywords, quality content, and technical improvements to increase organic traffic and drive lead generation. We conduct regular SEO audits to identify opportunities and ensure that your site stays on top of search rankings.

PPC & Display Advertising

Pay-per-click and display advertising are powerful tools for targeting potential customers. At BUILT Strategies, we design and manage targeted PPC campaigns that help you reach your ideal audience when and where it matters most.

Through careful keyword selection, bid management, and performance tracking, we maximize your return on ad spend and drive high-quality traffic to your site.

Social Media Marketing

Engage with your audience effectively on popular social platforms.

Paid – Harness the power of social platforms with our paid social media marketing services. We develop and manage advertising campaigns across popular social media channels, reaching your target audience with precision. From ad creation to targeting, bid management, and performance monitoring, we provide a comprehensive service that drives engagement, conversions, and return on investment.

Organic – Build genuine relationships with your audience with our organic social media marketing services. We help create and share compelling content that resonates with your followers, driving engagement and fostering community. Our services include content creation, scheduling, community management, and performance analysis, all aimed at boosting your brand’s organic reach on social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried and tested digital marketing tool, known for its exceptional return on investment. We develop effective email marketing campaigns that engage your audience, nurture leads, and drive conversions. From designing eye-catching newsletters to crafting personalized messages and analyzing campaign performance, we cover all aspects of email marketing to keep your customers informed, engaged, and loyal to your brand.

Content Strategy


Blogging is a powerful tool for positioning your brand as an industry authority. We strategize, create, and manage insightful blog posts that inform, engage, and inspire your audience. Our blogs are meticulously researched and tailored to your audience’s interests, helping to boost your SEO efforts, increase website traffic, and establish your brand’s thought leadership in the building industry.

Case Studies

Case studies are the testament of your company’s ability to deliver on promises. We craft compelling case studies that highlight your success stories, demonstrating your expertise and the value you provide. Each case study we create is a persuasive narrative that not only showcases your achievements but also helps to build trust with potential clients, influencing their decision-making process in your favor.

Proposal Writing

Winning profitable contracts requires persuasive proposals. At BUILT Strategies, we specialize in proposal writing, crafting persuasive narratives that demonstrate your company’s capabilities and the unique value proposition you offer. Each proposal we create is meticulously tailored to the project’s needs, ensuring a high-quality submission that resonates with decision-makers and increases your chances of success.


Brand Strategy

A brand is much more than a logo or tagline. It’s an identity. At BUILT Strategies, we help shape this identity through our brand strategy services. We work with you to understand your business, your vision, and your values. From this understanding, we craft a unique brand strategy that defines your brand’s direction and sets it apart in the competitive building industry.

Brand Architecture

We ensure that your brand’s offerings are structured logically and presented effectively. We develop brand architectures that clarify your brand’s portfolio, making it easier for customers to understand and engage with your products or services.

Whether you’re a complex organization with various sub-brands or a business looking to expand, our brand architecture strategies provide the clarity your brand needs to grow.

Brand Positioning and Messaging

We craft compelling brand narratives and unique value propositions that resonate with your target audience. Our positioning strategies distinguish your brand in the marketplace, while our messaging ensures your unique value proposition is communicated effectively across all touch points.

Research & Planning

Consumer Insights

Understanding your audience is key to effective marketing. Our consumer insights services offer in-depth knowledge about your consumers, their needs, preferences, and behaviors. We use a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods to gather data and derive actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and create marketing strategies that resonate with your audience.


We conduct tailored surveys to gather feedback and critical data from your customers. Our surveys are designed to engage respondents and encourage participation, ensuring high-quality, accurate data. Whether you want to understand customer satisfaction, gauge interest in a new product, or get feedback on a marketing campaign, our surveys deliver the insights you need.

Focus Groups

Focus groups provide a window into your target audience’s thoughts and feelings. Our expertly conducted focus groups help you gain a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes, perceptions, and motivations. Whether you’re looking to refine a product concept, test a marketing message, or explore new market opportunities, our focus groups provide rich, nuanced insights.

Public relations

Effective public relations begins with meticulous research and careful planning. We leverage industry insights, media trends, and audience analysis to craft PR strategies that amplify your brand’s voice and bolster its reputation.

From identifying key media channels to defining communication messages and planning PR activities, we provide a strategic roadmap for your PR success.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Press releases are a staple of effective public relations. We create engaging, newsworthy press releases that capture media attention and spark interest among your target audience.

Beyond writing, we also manage the distribution of your press releases, including direct media relations outreach to curated lists of reporters and editors in your space and wire service distribution maximize your story’s exposure.

Media Relations

Maintaining positive relationships with the media is key for achieving favorable coverage. We cultivate strong media relations on your behalf, liaising with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and other media representatives. Our efforts ensure your brand is always presented in the best light, and your stories are communicated effectively to your audience.

Crisis Communications

In times of crisis, effective communication can be the difference between maintaining trust and losing reputation. We’re equipped to protect and restore your brand’s image during a crisis. We develop contingency plans, craft sensitive communication messages, and manage media relations to mitigate negative impact and preserve your brand’s reputation.



We create captivating, memorable ads that resonate with your target audience. Our ad production services encompass concept development, scripting, casting, filming, editing, and post-production. Whether it’s a TV commercial, radio spot, online video, or print ad, we deliver high-quality advertising content that drives brand recognition and inspires action.

Media Planning/Buying

Navigating the media landscape can be complex and
time-consuming. We simplify this process with our media planning and buying services. Based on your budget, target audience, and campaign goals, we identify the best mix of media channels to reach your audience effectively. We negotiate ad spaces and time slots, ensuring you get the most value from your advertising spend. With our strategic media planning and buying, your ads get optimal exposure and deliver maximum ROI.